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finally and for the 1st time my lightsaber was refused at the airport security...had to check it in this cute lufthansa paperbox. let's see in how many pieces i'll pick it up in germany :(

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back at my sao paulo office #hotelunique #technolife

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again i finished my set with #kerberos
and again i saw so many people getting really emotional and feeling it...

1000 THANKS for sharing that moments, my friends. that´s it why i´m doin that "job"... that´s it why i can´t stop playing producing dancing smiling:
MELODIES. such a big part of me, of my life.
had to say that.

Marc Romboy Systematic Recordings Kompakt Records

Stephan Bodzin & Marc Romboy "Kerberos" (Snippet)

Artist: Stephan Bodzin & Marc Romboy Label: Systematic Recordings Cat No #100 Release 08.09.2014 Format 12" Picturedisc / Digital

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Yesyesyes!!! Electrance festival was BBBOMB!!! obrigado, thank u everyone who came to dance! nice meeting good friends Marc Houle Victor Ruiz Any Mello Click Box

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helloooo campo grande!! #moveclub tonight 2:30-5!!

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